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Product Information

Alcohol Free Minoxidil

Topical solution applied twice daily

About this medicine

MINOXIDIL is used to treat common hereditary hair loss in men aged 18-65 (otherwise known as male pattern baldness, or androgenetic alopecia). Minoxidil reactivates and revitalises shrunken hair follicles and increases their size. Minoxidil is thought to work by dilating the blood vessels around hair follicles so increasing the nutrient supply to the follicles. With continued use, the hair follicles gain greater volume, which helps prevent further hair loss and promotes the re-growth of longer and thicker hairs.

Freshman’s Minoxidil solution is a proprietary extra strength formula, which is without alcohol and propylene glycol. Minoxidil products that are available without a prescription contain these additives, which are known to cause itchy scalps, irritation and dandruff.

Trade names

Minoxidil is sold under many different trade names around the world including Regaine ® and Rogaine ®.

How do I use this medicine?

  • Apply 1 ml of the solution directly onto the scalp twice daily (once in the morning and once at night), using the dropper provided.
  • Make sure that the scalp is dry or towel-dry before applying.
  • No need to wash your hair before use.
  • Allow a few minutes for the solution to dry before wearing a hat or lying on a pillow.
  • This medicine is for external use only and should only be applied directly to the scalp.
  • Do not use more than 2 ml of the solution in 24 hours. Each bottle should last one month, if used as directed.
  • Additional information is included with the product.

What if I miss an application?

  • No worries! If you miss one or two applications, just carry on as normal, as if you had not missed the application. Using more often will not improve results.

How soon can I expect to see results?

  • Since normal hair grows approximately 1.25 cm per month, hair re-growth with Minoxidil also takes time.
  • You may need to use Minoxidil twice a day for 2-4 months before you see results. The best results will be achieved by following the instructions.
  • New hairs may initially be fine and soft (similar to baby hairs) but should eventually become the same colour and thickness as the other hairs on your scalp.
  • When you first begin to use the medicine, your hair loss may increase temporarily for the first 2-4 weeks. This is likely a sign that you are getting rid of old hairs in order to regrow new, better quality hairs. Remember, this increased hair shedding is temporary!
  • Once your hair has started to re-grow, you need to continue using this medicine twice a day for the growth to be maintained. If you stop the treatment, the new hair is likely to disappear after 3 to 4 months.
  • If you have no improvement in your hair growth after 6 months of use, you should consider speaking to your doctor about stopping the treatment.

Is Minoxidil without alcohol suitable for me?

This medicine is suitable for most men aged 18-65. Women should not use extra strength minoxidil products. Do not use this medicine if you have an allergy to Minoxidil or the other ingredients listed in the patient information leaflet.

What if the medicine gets in my eyes, mouth or nose?

If the medicine comes into contact with the eyes, mouth, nose; or any broken or sunburnt skin, bathe the area with large amounts of cool tap water.

Are there any possible side effects?

Minoxidil is generally safe but, like all medicines, it can cause side effects. The most common side effects are itching and skin irritation of the treated area of the scalp. If scalp irritation continues, you should stop using the medicine and discuss your symptoms with your doctor.

Stop using the medicine and seek medical advice immediately if you experience any of the following:

  • Swelling of the face, lips, tongue or throat, which may cause difficulty in swallowing or breathing.
  • Chest pain.

Stop using the medicine and talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you experience any of the following:

  • Dizziness, feeling faint due to low blood pressure.
  • Palpitations and/or fast heart beat.
  • Swelling in the hands, feet or legs, or shortness of breath.
  • Sudden, unexplained weight gain.
  • Changes such as skin rash and redness where the product is applied.

Other side effects which may occur, include:

  • Excessive hair growth on the face or body.
  • Headache.
  • Temporary hair loss (or shedding) may occur during the first 2-4 weeks of use. This is likely to be a result of a change in the natural hair growth cycle and should stop within a couple of weeks.

This is not an exhaustive list of possible side effects. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you have any concerns.

Hair color and texture

Some people may notice changes in hair color or texture after using this medicine.

How should I store the medicine?

  • Keep out of the sight and reach of children.
  • Do not use this medicine after the expiry date printed on the bottle.
  • Store upright, below 25°C and protect from light.
  • When the bottle is empty, the bottle and applicators must be disposed of safely.

Other important information

  • As with any medicine, this medicine does not work for everyone. Some people may not experience improvements in hair growth. If you have no improvement in your hair growth after 6 months of use, you should consider speaking to your doctor about stopping the treatment.
  • This telemedicine consultation should not replace your regular visits to a GP or doctor. Please keep your GP or doctor informed of any medicines you are taking (including this treatment from Freshman), as it could interact with other medicines you may be taking.

How does Minoxidil work?

Minoxidil was originally developed as a pill for blood pressure. However, after conducting research, doctors discovered that when people took the drug they started to see increased hair growth on certain parts of the body. After a whole load of testing and trials, it was shown that Minoxidil could induce hair growth when applied to the scalp, and thus it became a popular option for treating male pattern baldness.

But how does Minoxidil actually work? Like everything else on your body, your hair has its own life cycle, beginning with hairs growing from the hair follicles on your scalp, and ending with them falling out or ‘shedding’. The average guy will shed roughly 50-100 strands of hair a day, an amount that you may not even notice.

On average, hairs grow for around 1000 days before they fall out, and this is a natural cycle that every man’s hair goes through. However, those who are experiencing MPB – also known as androgenetic alopecia – have hair follicles which become weaker, eventually leading to an above average amount of hair loss.

Minoxidil works by increasing the amount of blood flow to your hair follicles. This makes the hair follicles stronger and stimulates them to grow healthier, thicker hairs that live for longer.

How effective is Minoxidil?

Minoxidil is highly effective for treating hair loss as a result of MPB. But don’t just take our word for it — we’ve compiled results from some scientific studies on Minoxidil below so you can see for yourself.

“Significantly superior results”

One clinical trial studies the effects of 5% Minoxidil (5% solution is the most common form of treatment for men) versus 2% Minoxidil and a placebo, on hair loss caused by MPB. Results from the study show that after 48 weeks of therapy, 5% Minoxidil was “significantly superior” to both 2% topical minoxidil and the placebo in terms of increasing hair count in patients.

In addition, data from this study collected by a patient questionnaire demonstrated that 5% Minoxidil helped improve patients’ “psychosocial perceptions” of hair loss, with regards to their quality of life, global benefit, hair growth, and hair styling.

“A safe and effective treatment”

Another 2007 study, conducted across 352 participants between 18 to 49 years old, looked at the effectiveness of 5% Minoxidil foam versus a placebo. The results showed that the Minoxidil formula was significantly better than the placebo at increasing hair regrowth, with improvements in hair seen in as little as 16 weeks.

The researchers concluded that 5% Minoxidil is a “safe and effective treatment” for men who are experiencing male pattern baldness.

Who is Minoxidil for?

Minoxidil is a treatment for men over 18 who are experiencing male pattern baldness. Minoxidil works effectively to treat hair loss, and is particularly effective on the top of the head and ‘crown’, where it can regrow hair and prevent bald spots.

Before you consider using the treatment, it’s important that you are confident that what you are experiencing is male pattern baldness. There are some tell-tale signs that you should look out for:

Receding hairline

If you notice that your hairline has moved back over time, starting just above the temples, this may be a sign that you are experiencing MPB. Generally, a receding hairline moves back across the top of your head over time, as your hair follicles become weaker and hairs eventually fall out.

More hair loss than usual

If you are experiencing an above-average amount of hair loss, then it could be a sign that you could benefit from taking Minoxidil. You can find out more about how much hair loss is normal in our guide.

Hair thinning

You may have noticed that your hair is thinning out, becoming weaker, and perhaps has stopped growing on certain parts of your head. You may also notice a thinning of the hair on the crown of your head. This can all point towards MPB.

Ask an expert

If you’d like to check with a professional whether Minoxidil is right for you, feel free to get in touch with us at Freshman. A registered clinician will assess you to make sure Minoxidil is suitable for you before you begin taking the treatment.

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